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09 Giu

Tips & Tricks : Zimbra Collaboration 8.7.11 è disponibile

Creato: 09 Giugno 2017

Il rilascio della release 8.7.11 è molto importante. Sono stati introdotti nuovi aspetti di sicurezza per l'ambiente Zimbra e corretti alcuni bug segnalati, come ad esempio il bug 107979, che influisce sulla capacità di sincronizzare i certificati S/MIME pubblici usando External GAL e Active Directory e il bug 102930 che include una correzione per EWS. Inoltre è stata inclusa una nuova versione di Zimbra Connector per Outlook, che include alcune correzioni di bug.

Problemi risolti ZCS 8.7.11

Sotto una lista di tutte i bug risolti e le novità presenti in questa release
107921 Admin UI session not invalidated on logout [CWE-384]
107878 Persistent XSS – location [CWE-79]
107462 /tmp fills up when spamtraining(zmtrainsa) runs
107982 Fix failing unit test in zm-mailbox/store
107983 admin related sieve ldap attributes needs to be changed for ModifyFilterRulesRequest and GetFilterRulesRequest
107984 Users must login every time browser restarts
107896 Regression : test case for bug 65369 fails
107895 Regression : Variables not replaced in notify
107894 Regression : ModifyOutgoingFilterRulesRequest fails
107893 NPE for delete folder action for user account having sieve script
107985 Sorting mailbox quota by size in the admin console incorrectly groups users
107584 No data under “Download” directory after fresh installation or upgrade
107979 S/MIME certificate not seen in Contact Properties
97710 Tasks causing slowness from ZWC and consuming CPU resources
106132 Can’t Disable External Imap and pop3 Access through cos and per user basis
102930 EWS Sharing – Handle sync of shared folders on remote node

Zimbra Connector for Outlook – Fixed Issues
106921 Outlook with ZCO 8.7 crashes during sync
106927 ZCO support for SyncGalRequest pagination
107987 ZCO crashes during GAL sync
107016 Outlook pop-up LSMSSP.DLL error after upgrading ZCO from to
107988 Default Zimbra profile not getting created on Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010
106584 {RULESSVR}ZCO to support addresstest when syncing filters from ZWC
105981 Postponed task reminder not closing
95158 {RULESSVR}{L10N} DE: Wrong word order in rule “with specific words in the message header”
107989 Disable the ‘recall’ button in Outlook
107224 An error encountered while modifying server rule in ZCO: “Please specify at least one condition for the rule”
107990 Images lost from signatures in ZCO after sync vml tags missing


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