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Tips & Tricks : Downloader - EN

Creato: 16 Settembre 2016

Today’s Zimlet is “Downloader”, a very useful tool for all email users.

This Zimlet allows you to save on your PC:
•    Emails (.eml)
•    Contacts (.vcf)
•    Appointments (.ics)
•    Tasks (.task)
•    Briefcase files (.zip).

First, you must access the Zimlets list from the Preferences tab and enable Downloader.



Once enabled, you can export all Webmail items by dragging and dropping each item on the Zimlet. Alternatively, you can click the “Export” button or use the context menu by right clicking and selecting “Export”.

With this Zimlet, you can also download your email folders, which is extremely useful for backup operations.

By double clicking the mouse left button on the Zimlet, you access the Preferences menu, where you can choose to automatically delete emails right after downloading them, to free some space in your email account if needed.

To download your EMAILS, just drag and drop them on the Zimlet.




To download your CONTACTS, select them from the Contacts list and drag and drop them on the Zimlet.



To download your APPOINTMENTS, select them from the Agenda and drag and drop them on the Zimlet.



To download TASKS, just drag and drop them on the Zimlet.



To download your Briefcase FILES, drag and drop them on the Zimlet.





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