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29 Ago

Tips & Tricks : Undo send

Creato: 29 Agosto 2016

Today, more than ever, email has become an essential tool for daily use and for transferring files and communications of various types. You may have had the experience of sending an unfinished email by mistake or maybe to the wrong recipient.

With this Zimlet it will be possible to undo sending and prevent the emails from being delivered.

To do this, you must first go to the Zimlet menu Preferences and activate your "undosend" Zimlet:

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Once it is activated, you can click its icon on the left column of the Zimlets available on your account (1) to set the time the popup that allows you to cancel the submission will remain active. (2)
From this same popup you can also choose whether to activate or turn off this feature. (3)

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Now that the Zimlet is active and configured, each time you click the "Send" button (1) you will see a popup of the duration that you have previously chosen.
To cancel sending, simply click "Cancel" (2); if you are sure that your email is correct and you want to send it immediately, click "OK" (3).

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