Tips & Tricks : Zimbra Collaboration 8.8.6 è disponibile

Zimbra Collaboration 8.8.6 è uscita! Questa versione ha introdotto miglioramenti per i moduli NG e per gli nginx zimbraVirtualHostname.


A dicembre Zimbra ha lanciato Zimbra Collaboration 8.8, introducendo i moduli NG, una nuova serie di funzionalità all’avanguardia per backup e ripristino in tempo reale, la possibilità di spostare i blob utilizzati meno frequentemente in Amazon S3, un modulo per amministratori delegati più semplice, ma più potente e la tanto attesa capacità di sincronizzare le risorse condivise con tutti i tuoi dispositivi .

Nella release 8.8.6 sono state effettuate 30 correzioni per i moduli NG, correzioni importanti per EWS e per chi utilizza IMAP. Dopo i feedback ricevuti sia dai clienti sia dalla community sulla gestione della sicurezza nginx della versione 8.8.5, Zimbra ha introdotto un nuovo attrobuto ldap per coloro che desiderano perfezionare ulteriormente questa funzionalità:


Name zimbraReverseProxyStrictServerNameEnabled
Description Configure the default server block in ‘nginx.conf.web.https?.default.template’ to return a default HTTP response for all unconfigured host names. See also related attributes ‘zimbraVirtualHostname’ and ‘zimbraVirtualIPAddress’.
Type boolean
Optional in globalConfig,server
Requires restart nginxproxy



Sotto una lista di tutte i bug risolti e le novità presenti in questa release
108213 APPEND command of remote IMAP ignores zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize
108213 APPEND command of remote IMAP ignores zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize
108204 in imapd.log
108726 zimbraNetworkModulesNG | 880_1753 | few popup & buttons names are incorrect
108205 RECENT count is not updated when opening new session on remote IMAP – when have single upstream IMAP server
108200 Login fails after ChangePasswordRequest for remote IMAP server
108727 networkModulesNG -backup | operationId should be shown on informational popup to monitor activity
108728 zextras adminguide github document needs to be updated for ‘doAddDelegationSettings’, ‘doRemoveDelegationSettings ‘ and ‘doEditDelegationSettings’ command description
96679 Auto accept response from resource shows html formatting for original invite content
100977 MacOutlook: Organiser receives HTML tags in declination mail sent from MacOutlook invitee.
108732 Under Preferences->Sharing, Share dropdown shows ‘briefcase’ even if briefcase feature is disabled
108733 Beta IMAP feature set as default installation on all upgrades.
108734 Multi server environment – Not able to enable NG MobileSync on 2nd server using Admin console
108755 Activesync-Unflagging multiple mails from device is not syncing on Web client
108756 NG ActiveSync: Recurring meeting invitation does not sync to device
108757 Autocomplete suggestions missing for all fields in Admin section in NG Modules
108758 NPE observed for Ping command after upgrading to ZCS 883 and enabling NG Mobile Sync
108735 Issue with Zextra_Notifications Dialog
108736 NG backup: Throwing error while initializing backup
108737 NetworkModulesNG -backup | incorrect warning msg on popup of ‘disable backup on COS
108738 NetworkModulesNG -backup | backup preferences section under particular account doesn’t display backup info
108577 NG ActiveSync: Tentatively accepting a meeting from ZWC does not sync to device
108739 NG MobileSync | Can’t sync shared folder to mobile devices when granter and grantee’s mailbox are on different server via NG Modules (multi-node setup)
108759 NG ActiveSync: Response of existing attendee is lost when a new attendee responds
108760 Editing one of the delegated rights via CLI resets the other granted right
108761 Admin NG : Error on updating the Delegated admin setting
108762 NG MobileSync | NPE observed for create custom recurring appointment which recurs monthly on nth day
108763 NetworkModulesNG -backup | warning/exceptions seen in mailbox for coherencyCheck for some subfolder/folder
108740 Few attribute description is not provided in NG modules
108741 Can not unset current volume in NG HSM
108742 NetworkModulesNG -backup | Import/export/Restore wizard wiki links are blank
108764 NG ActiveSync: Response of a meeting instance is not updated in Calendar app on device
108765 NG MobileSync | javax.activation.UnsupportedDataTypeException logged in mailbox.log for every meeting invite sent from mobile device
108766 NG ActiveSync: Contact image deleted from device not synced to server
105211 NG ActiveSync: Birthday/Anniversary created from device shifts one day back on server
108743 NG -backup | no documentation/usage for getServices, doBackupLDAP, doRestartService, doRestoreBlobs
108767 NG ActiveSync: Syncing Reply state not working on device
108640 Update domailboxmove to verify proper migration before deleting data
108614 NG ActiveSync: Recursive syncing of all folders observed in sync.log when a shared calendar folder is deleted from device
108768 NG ActiveSync: Private task created from Activesync using Outlook client is synced as Non-Private task in Outlook ZCO client
108769 NG ActiveSync | Clear Categories from Activesync using Outlook client is not syncing to Web client
108770 NG ActiveSync: Clicking ‘Add to Calendar’ for a forwarded meeting invite does not sync to device
108625 NG MobileSync | Mobile sync does not immediately prompt for new password
108576 NG MobileSync | After 2FA enabling, active sync account stops syncing after password is cleared from cache
108639 NG ActiveSync: Organiser does not getting meeting response mail when attendee responds from device
108567 NG MobileSync | Attendee cannot forward meeting on device using SmartForward
108749 NG ActiveSync: Response of an recurring instance is not updated on device
108618 zmblobchk start throws null pointer exception even though NG modules are not installed.
108617 zmmetadump throws null pointer exception even though NG modules are not installed.
108750 Update attribute migration documentation and “zmmigrateattrs -h” output
108616 Exception “imap – unable to connect to imapd server” observed in mailbox.log while adding account logger for user
108751 Missing timezone for Palestine country
108609 Case 00642390: Taiwan Power Company – Com_zimbra_securemail zimlet causing shared contact unable to load
107251 X-Originating-IP header not added for messages sent by activesync mobile device client
108299 nginx closes connection when the Host value is unknown (no zimbraVirtual* set)


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