Tips & Tricks : Weekly Print – EN

Calendars and appointment planning are essential tools for optimizing work.

With this Zimlet, you can print all your appointments and even select the calendars you want to include.

First, you must access the Zimlet Preferences menu and turn on the “printevents” Zimlet:

Weekly Print1EN


Once enabled, go to the Zimlets section and select the corresponding check box in the left column to set the logo you want to add to the appointment .pdf file. Enter the public link (1) and press OK.


Weekly Print2EN


Now that the Zimlet is enabled and configured within the Calendar, you will see the new Weekly print button. 

Weekly Print3EN


Clicking this new button will open the following menu, which will allow you to select the date from which you want to print the appointments and the Calendars you want to include. Press OK to print.

 Weekly Print4EN


The generated file will be similar to the one shown below. All days of the selected week are highlighted and each day shows its appointments, highlighted with the color associated to the corresponding Calendar within the Zimbra account.

Weekly Print5


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