Tips & Tricks : Recupero password tramite SMS (EN)

Did you happen to forget your Zimbra password or it would run out in the middle of a trip and you could not contact your admin to reset?

 With the proposed solution below, you can reset your password directly from your smartphone. 

Simply go to the address provided by your administrator or to the address you will find inside your email notifications
for password expiration and enter:
1) Email: your email address
2) Cell phone: your cell phone number already entered in the info section of your Zimbra account


Now tap Send PIN (3) in order to compare the information you have entered and those on the Zimbra server.


recovery password

If the phone number matches the email address to which it is associated, the procedure generates a PIN
and sends it via text message (SMS) to the user.
In case of incorrect data entry or lack of information within the Zimbra server, the system will alert you with a message.


The PIN is 8 numeric characters and is valid for 10 hours, after which it is no longer valid and you must repeat the procedure.


recovery password1


4) You will need to enter the PIN code received by SMS within the appropriate field and tap Reset password (5).

Your new account password will be sent via SMS e you will be able to check your emails again.


recovery password2

For accounts that have enabled the automatic password expiration feature, the system also allows you to be notified by email, SMS and scheduled and customizable reminders.


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